In the history of business we hear about companies that created unique and innovative products from which they became known worldwide. We from Maxtoy are proud of being part of this select group.

When we created the 3D carry on suitcase we reinvented the market in this segment and we started to become a worldwide reference. We are a family company with nearly 30 years of history. With this expertise we solidified our excellence in the sector and with this experience we have built over decades we gained recognition and reliability with our customers. We always invest in the best technology and innovation in design.

Creativity is what makes our products much more than a simple suitcase, we provide fun to kids with the 3D design which has vibrant and joyful colors which brings the characters to life. 

The triple wheel design coupled to the bag completes the uniqueness of the product. It makes it easier to move the bag around, especially when going up stairs.

In each step of the backpack manufacturing process we have the supervision and attentive eyes of our employees. They are fundamental to guaranteeing the product lives up to our quality standard before being delivered to our customers. 

It is in this way, with quality, innovation, technology, humanism and mainly, with love for our work that we are proud of being a brand that revolutionized the way to make backpacks.

We provide more than products, we provide feelings.

Maxtoy, creating and innovating over 30 years.